To purchase on CAMMISOTTO web site is a simple and safe operation. The customer can see the collections, choose the items and order the shipment. The online store proposes clothing of the best brands of international fashion. Thanks to the exclusive service and to the unmistakable style of CAMMISOTTO, the shopping will turn into a special moment. For surfing through the proposals is enough to select a category and discover the item list related to the principal italian and International brands, proposed by CAMMISOTTO. Each item is accompanied by the description sheet where are showed all the information related to, model, price, composition, sizes and colors.
With add to the shopping cart, the desired item is insert in a virtual shopping bag which allows to keep surfing in the others pages of the web site, waiting for the order confirmation. In any moment is possible to add new purchases  or, with the option delete item, to remove the already selected. By clicking on the shopping bag icon, will be indicated the price of the single items and the cumulative one, still partial and not confirmed.
Thanks to the option wishlist is possible to compose, during the shopping, a list of preferred items which will be saved in a reserved area, with the possibility to see them whenever you want. Once the finished, will be enough to insert the selection done directly on the shopping cart.
With send order the online shopping ends. If already CAMMISOTTO customer is enough to insert email and password ad the system will recognize automatically the user.
If instead it is the first time in the online store, you need to join to the web site, by clicking on the registration link, in order to be able to insert the useful informations for the purchasing and shipment. Once the registration is ended, the system will memorize the customer information and the same will be automatically recognized durng the next visits.
      - If, at the moment of the order, the items are not available, the correspondent size will not be showed.
      - If, because of a simultaneous purchasing of different customers, the selected item is not available, an email is sent for order cancellation.
      - CAMMISOTTO can in any moment and without prior notice decide to change the offered items and the     relative price.
Any item price is indicated in Euro.
Shipment cost is showed before the payment.

Is possible to ask any information to our assistance services just sending an email to: customerservice@cammisotto.com


CAMMISOTTO accepts the following payment methods:

  • PayPal, the customer can pay is own purchase through is own PayPal verified account, according to PayPal established methods and aware of each accountholder.
  • Credit Card (included prepaid, postpay) CAMMISOTTO accepts payments made with the following credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, AmEx, JCB, UnionPay, Discover, Diners.
  • Any other payment method can be accepted exclusively at the discretion of CAMMISOTTO. For more info or clarifications is possible through email.
  • The selected items are CAMMISOTTO property until the cash in of the relative price.


CAMMISOTTO offers his service of seller and performs his activity of elettronic commerce exclusively to his own final users who are "consumers".
When we talk about "consumer" we refer to any physical person who acts on CAMMISOTTO with finalities not referred to their own activity, commercial, of business or professional, eventually performed. If you are not a consumer, we kindly ask you to refrain to conclude commercial transactions.
In consideration of our commercial policy, CAMMISOTTO reserves to himself the dirict not to follow up to orders coming from subjects who are different by "consumers" or in any case to orders which are not conformed to our commercial policy.
In order to purchase on CAMMISOTTO web site, the client necessary must:
To be 18 years old at least since one day;
To have all the requirements to stipulate a legally binding contract;
To have an account and a valid email address;
To be holder of a valid bank account or of a credit card accepted for the payment on CAMMISOTTO (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) or of a verified PayPal account;
To be conscient and to accept under his own responsability that the use of CAMMISOTTO web site is regulated by the legislation in charge in Italy;
Those Selling General Conditions regulate exclusively the offer, the forward and the accepting of purchase orders of products on CAMMISOTTO.
The Selling General Conditions regulate supply services and the selling of products by CAMMISOTTO, online store Man & Woman, through link on CAMMISOTTO;
CAMMISOTTO reserves to himself the dirict to undo and/or cancel any order and for any reason (unavailability, inventry mistake, defective items).


On CAMMISOTTO you can exclusively find branded items and absolutely authentic and high quality. Those items are directly purchased by official manufacturers and distributors.  

All brands on the web site are registred brands by the relative owners who hold property and rights. The only mere mentions of these brands on the web site, doesn't mean or implies that the rispective owners have any affiliation or agreement with the mentioned web site. Most of the brands on the web site and referred to items on sell on CAMMISOTTO are celebrated brands and known by the generlity of the people and any user of CAMMISOTTO.CAMMISOTTO doesn't sell used items, not regular or low quality compered with the market standard.

The item essential features are showed on CAMMISOTTO on any item sheet. The item image and colors offered on CAMMISOTTO in any case coundn't be corrispondent to the real one due to the Internet browser effect or the screen used.

The item prices could be updated. Be sure about the final price before sending the relative purchase module. The price variation, increase and decrease is exclusively our choiche and it can be apply even some second after the order closing by you.

CAMMISOTTO, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, is allowed to do not accept the restituition of the goods which are without sale tags or warranty seal, of items which are altered about their essential and qualities features or which are damaged.

Being about the Law a catalog comparable with mail order, CAMMISOTTO reserves the right to cancel orders and/or purchase procedures in case of mistake in the publication of prices of the selled items. In this case the client will be obviously refunded about any sustained expense.


CAMMISOTTO wants to guarantee the complitely satisfaction of the his clients, offering to them an easy and fast procedure of returns giving them also the chance to return one or more itemand to receive the refund equal to the price of the returned itmes. The return must be necessary done by the responsability and expenses of the client within 14 days from the delivery and only if the items result never used and undamaged.


To accept the return, is necessary that the client respects precise conditions:

All the items on sell on CAMMISOTTO web site are delivered to the client with an authicity tag stuck to the item thru a single use security seal with CAMMISOTTO logo. The item is eventually tried without removing te tag or ruining the guarantee seal. The return will be accepted only with the security seal perfectly undamaged, which can be a plastic seal with relative wire or, in the case of shoes attached under the sole. Never will be accepted a return of items with the seal which is cutted, breaked, removed or manipulated.

The items to be returned must not be used, ironed, washed or teated in any way.

The items must necessary returned in the same conditions in which they were shipped to the client and must be packed in the right way.

All the other item tags, fabric or pendants, must be necessary undamaged and in any case not removed from the item.

The item to be returned must be sent within and not over 14 days of the shipment date.

The client who desires to do a size change, color or item, must forward the return procedure and does a new order on CAMMISOTTO web site.

Never will be accepted the return of items related to underware, swimsuits.

If one of the above condition is not respected, CAMMISOTTO can decide to not accept the returned item and to ship it back to the client at expenses of the latter.


To request the authorization of return, the client must send an email to the address "customerservice@cammisotto.com" within 14 days of the delivery day. In the email must be mentioned order number and item codes of the item which must be returned. Once received the return request, the customer service of CAMMISOTTO will send to the client a confirmation with all the points to be followed.

The shipment price will be at the expense of the client.

Send the pack to CAMMISOTTO, prof. Vincenzo Ricci road, 61 Taurianova (RC) 89029.

The shipmentis under client responsability. CAMMISOTTO is not responsable about any event like loss or damage due to the inappropriate packaging or delay shipping.The items must be returned in the same package received and using the same way. All returned items will be checked by CAMMISOTTO staff who will verify the respect of the above procedures menioned.

CAMMISOTTO reserves the right to evaluate more expense which can be necessary to guarantee again the sale of the returned item. These amounts will be established at the end of the retrned item evalutaion of the conditions and the client will be informed.


If the return procedure is correctly done, respecting all the conditions, the client will receive an email of return acceptance occurred. If the purchase has involved shipping costs, these will not be refunded.


The item availability presents on the web site www.cammisotto.com is in real time linked with the company warehouse. Just in some case may occur the unavailability of the item, even if present on the online store, like for example when two customers add the same item on the cart.